Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A call to action! Open meeting on January 4

The anti-tenants' rights bill SB 107 was signed by Governor Walker last week. That means it will become law in a few days. It does not mean that our response to SB 107--and the austerity agenda it's part of--is over. On the contrary, it's just beginning. SB 107 is a call to action, not simply a defeat. It is time to make Madison's progressive tenant protections, the ones that were targeted by SB 107, the standard for the whole state!

The first step toward repealing SB 107 and expanding tenants' rights at the city, county, and state levels is to coordinate the efforts of organizers and activists who are already working hard on housing issues in Madison with people who are outraged by this bill and want to join the fight against it.

To this end, the Wisconsin Alliance for Tenants' Rights has called an open meeting to plan the response to SB 107. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 4th, at 6:00 pm at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative (426 W. Gilman). At this meeting, we'll hear updates about responses that are already taking place and share ideas about how to go forward. We'll also try to set up a day and time for monthly WATR meetings.

Forward this message to others who may be interested. The Apartment Association and the Wisconsin Realtors Association have lobbyists at the capitol working as hard as they can to destroy what we've gained through years of struggle. An attack on tenants' rights of this magnitude merits a *sustained* response on multiple fronts. To win this fight, we have to work together!

WHAT: An open meeting to plan our response to SB 107.
WHEN: 6 pm, Wednesday, January 4, 2012
WHERE: Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative (426 W. Gilman)

Save the date and spread the word!