Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rally against SB 107 on September 13!

SB 107, an anti-tenants' rights bill sponsored by the Apartment Association of South Central Wisconsin, would prohibit municipal governments from making regulations designed to protect tenants. This rolls back decades of progressive legislation won in Madison, a city recognized as having some of the best tenant protections both in the state and the country; and it prevents similar legislation from being drawn up here and across the state.

In a period when working people are suffering more than ever before, with rampant homelessness and foreclosure, we need to protect and strengthen tenants' rights!

SB 107 has passed the Senate but not the Assembly. On September 13, the state legislature resumes session. We're gathering at the capitol on that day to let our legislators know that we're going to fight to protect and expand our rights as tenants.

Housing is a human right, and the Madison ordinances threatened by this bill exist to protect that right. Together we will demand that these ordinances be preserved, expanded, and made the standard for tenant protections at the state level. Everyone in Wisconsin deserves the protections tenants have in Madison!